The term Cosmic Demise® usually refers to the end of the world. Which is only a theory of relentless destruction of nature, the forest underneath the freeway. Cosmic Demise® is a streetwear brand that has grown into a sub-cult that manifest the artistic interest and creative talent of the youth. Cosmic Demise®is a symbol of creation and represents angsty teens who are lost, mislead, and don’t have a way to express themselves. The audience of Cosmic Demise® believe that it’s something more than clothing, they begin to feel it can’t be expressed in words. It’s a superior type of art, not art dealing with the body or mind but with the spirit...the way it should be. When art is dealing with the spirit, it encourages people to fight against the bad conditions in their life and change things. It motivates, stimulates and compels.

   Ali Bilal is the mastermind behind Santa Monica skaters new favorite brand, COSMIC DEMISE. Only 18 years old he has made a small but meaningful impact on skate culture on the streets of Santa Monica and all over West LA. All designs are made by him and drawn out first by hand. "Art is my safe-haven, an imaginary place I go to alone to escape the hardships of life. Art is expressing the side of myself that I simply cannot show others." Ali strives to catch the eye of the young people who are lost but he hopes they can be found in his art. "This is for the indigo children, the youth who don't comply with modern society."